Zero Compression Back Brace

Since my journey began with spinal cord injury, I have learned that I must be equipped with the necessary armor allowing me the ability and opportunity to adapt and improvise. The more appropriate options I have available to me, the more apt I am able to enjoy and participate in life. Rosalie and Dariusz Dudkiewicz are the inventors of the Zero Compression Back Brace. They have become family of my heart. Rosalie initially reached out to me to share how my journey greatly encouraged, guided, and inspired her personal journey through chronic back pain. Since then, we have spoken for hours at a time sharing our experiences, our hope, and our faith. I am once again completely humbled by the magnitude of my journey, my life, serving as a vessel to help others triumph over adversity. Rosalie and her husband gifted me a Zero Compression Back Brace. The day after it arrived I wore it for several hours while working around the house, exercising, and playing with Sierra outside. I absolutely loved it!!! All I could do was think about how many lives this back brace could improve. We spoke the next day. I shared with Rosalie how much this brace meant to me and how thankful I was for their generosity. I also explained in detail how the brace they designed was greatly needed within the arachnoiditis, spinal cord injury, and chronic back pain communities. It was then we joined together as a vessel for the greater good, and were able to bless 50 arachnoiditis and spinal cord injury patients with a Zero Compression Back Brace. It filled my heart immensely to be able to pay it forward to those who have become brothers and sisters of my heart.

The Zero Compression Back Brace decreases my pain and allows me to exercise, sit, and walk with comfort and stability which increases my quality of life. Maintaining proper spinal alignment promotes proper core alignment. This assists in creating a foundation for overall balance allowing for more stable mobility and nervous system function.

Proper Spinal Alignment + Proper Core Alignment = Balance

This brace has empowered me by allowing for more opportunity to build strength, increase coordination, and flexibility. From a woman’s perspective I can share that it also feels good to have a brace that displays feminine qualities while still providing the support and protection needed. It’s important for women who live with disabilities and pain to feel pretty. This actually signals positive psychological feedback to our brains which nourishes our wellbeing, and also assists in the retraining of the brain. Another attribute I am fond of is that this back brace provides the option to be worn over, or under your clothing making it more versatile and convenient. A large majority of back braces provided are the traditional, nude and black colors that are designed to wear over clothing not allowing for the option of concealment. Those that do not allow for concealment, tend to be made from neoprene or other materials that induce heat and sweating.

The Zero Compression Back Brace has become an essential part of my journey with Adhesive Arachnoiditis and Spinal Cord Injury, and I highly recommend this brace if you suffer from arachnoiditis, spinal cord injury, or any other chronic back pain disorder. I truly feel it could serve as a life changing tool for many patients allowing them more opportunity to improvise, adapt, and overcome some of the many obstacles we face daily.

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May blessings embrace you and yours