Stand a Chance Foundation

The Stand a Chance Foundation is a federally registered nonprofit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. 

The mission of the Stand a Chance Foundation is to empower, improve, and save lives through our various outreach programs.

Stand a Chance foundation is dedicated to expanding awareness and advancing education regarding chronic pain conditions including, however not limited to: Arachnoiditis, RSD/CRPS, PTSD, and Spinal Cord Injury. Our primary focus is to provide Therapeutic Centers, Clinics and Retreats, Animal Outreach Programs and Services, Documentaries and learning opportunities for chronic pain patients and families.

The circumference of our focus encompasses a unique attribute where companionship heals through our various Animal Outreach Programs and Services, some of which are directed towards Emotional Support Service Dogs for sufferers of PTSD. We aim to provide and/or facilitate rehabilitation of K9 veteran war dogs, abused or neglected animals, and establish a safe haven of relief for animals in times of community and state disasters.

Stand a Chance Educational and Therapeutic Outreach Clinics and Retreats

Our vision is to create Therapeutic Outreach centers, retreats, and workshops that nurture life by equipping patients, physicians, and caregivers with the lifesaving knowledge and tools which are crucial in establishing a cohesive, confident, successful team structure.

Embedded into our vision is empowerment by equipping patients with the necessary armor and tools required to adapt, improvise, own and overcome their condition. Stand A Chance Therapeutic Outreach Programs are designed to educate and assist in healing while we provide patients, caregivers, families and health care professionals with direct feedback and essential resource information necessary for preventing chronic, debilitating, and traumatic medical conditions.

There is one death by suicide in the world every 40 seconds. (Source: World Health Organization). Currently, there simply aren’t enough resources available to those who live with chronic pain conditions. Statistics alone prove this! Over the past decade, the suicide rate has increased to 12.1 per 100,000. Every day, approximately, 105 Americans die by suicide. (Source: Centers for Disease Control) We want to reduce these statistics and promote optimal quality of life and healthy living through the chronic pain journey.

Our Outreach Center and Retreat Programs will offer each individual the opportunity to learn about their anatomy, physiology and organic primal medicine and experience what we revere as Primal Therapeutic Healing Techniques through the beauty of the art and music, the unique effects of hydrotherapy, the trusted release benefits of massage, the undeniable calming results through meditation, the neurological re-patterning through movement modalities and the long history of balance shared through yoga and qi gong. We are confident in this holistic approach and have embedded these Primal Therapeutic Healing Techniques into our infrastructure of the Stand a Chance Foundation.

Productions and Publishing

Documentary Project

Our first project is two analytical, awakening, and mind blowing Documentaries. ‘Medical Harm -No Longer a Silent Epidemic’ and ‘Arachnoiditis – The Web Untangled’ are the beginning of a series of Stand A Chance Foundation Documentaries where we will dissect medical harm, arachnoiditis, and all that comes with it to the core. Our documentaries will shed the illusive stigmas associated with each, and directly expose the atrocity that is affecting millions of lives globally.

The initial documentary project requires travel to gather patient, caregiver/family, and related testimonials and research that can be added to a data base. Funding to allow for travel and personal accommodation of Melanie, Caregivers, and Documentary Crew is the first required step along with funding for necessary equipment.

Once funding has been provided, Melanie, alongside the Stand a Chance Documentary Team and Full Bloom Productions, will map out the path across the nation and begin their travels to patients, and families who have been impacted by medical harm. Those who are unable to be visited will be given a set of guidelines on how they may submit their personal story to the documentary.

If you would like to make a contribution to our cause please donate by clicking the following link.

Community Outreach Programs

Forget Me Not Program

Providing animal assisted visits to nursing homes, chronically/terminally ill, and hospice care facilities.

School Programs

Providing animal assisted education and conservation programs

Ways Animals Help People

Ways People Help Animals

Responsible Pet Ownership

Careers with Animals


Barbie entered my life when she was picked up in a local Kroger parking lot. At the time I was operating animal cruelty and neglect officer, Director, animal care specialist, and trainer at a local animal shelter for our state. We eventually tracked down her owners who owner surrendered her to us as they were not prepared to deal with her age and bad hips. She bonded with me so quickly. I kept her in my office with me while at work. I decided she needed and job, and she could live out her years with us.

She was the first dog that was entered into the first ALC (Alternative Learning Classroom) that was located within the actual school. Most ALC are put into a separate building. She went to the school every day. I created programs approved by the teacher, and school district that were approved as part of the curriculum. The children were graded upon tests and performance, as part of their responsibility was to take care of Barbie during the school day. I would take her to school and pick her up every single day until we retired her.

When it came close to needing to retire Barbie, I contacted the mayor, spoke with the teacher, and we held a retirement party for her in the library of the school. I created award certificates for each student for their accomplishments and their achievements. The mayor, teacher, and I each signed the certificate. The mayor presented each one by name, and patted each student on the back.

Our work was documented for clinical research to show the progress of this program with each student involved for the whole semester. Grades improved drastically. What was once D and F averages, became A, B, and C averages. Corporal punishment, suspensions, and tardiness, all came to a cease.

dogone dogtwo dogthree

Approximately 5 million to 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 to 4 million are euthanized. 60 percent of these are dogs. (Source: ASPCA.)

It costs U.S. taxpayers an estimated $2 billion each year to round up, house, kill, and dispose of homeless animals. (USA Today)

A large majority of these dogs are lined up in kennels at shelters, contained within 3 walls and gate, filled with desire, drive, and dedication to work. The primal, soul desire of the dog in life is to please their handler. Through our various animal outreach programs Stand a Chance Foundation would provide animals with purpose an opportunity to touch lives.

Veterans Outreach Programs

Our Veteran Outreach Programs will provide positive environments where veterans have the opportunity to apply some of the skills they developed in the military, develop new skills, share their experience, and if interested work with animals, chronic pain patients, children and other veterans. On average, 22 veterans commit suicide each day. (Source: ABC News.)

We are Stand a Chance foundation and we are dedicated to expanding awareness and advancing education regarding chronic pain conditions. Our mission is to empower, improve, and save lives through our outreach programs. Please consider supporting us today by sharing our information, donating, or by requesting to volunteer.

Compassionate World Care Project

An ongoing project providing care packages delivered to patients and their caregivers throughout the year equipping them with necessary education, resources, and therapeutic gifts beneficial in obtaining comfort and relief.