Flashback to 2006

In 2006, I had a client to come to me needing an assistance dog. She suffered full body RSD/CRPS. Our initial phone conversation lasted almost 2 hours. She had specific needs, and wants. She wanted the dog that was out there for her. She wanted the dog to be a shelter dog, because as my much as she needed rescued, she needed to rescue a dog. She needed to feel she was doing something good, providing a purpose. She wanted a lab. A yellow lab. Whose name was Dakota. She even asked if I found the dog for her, would it be possible to transition the name to Dakota. I was into over a month searching for her dog. She would not give up, nor would I. She called me up one evening and told me not to worry. She shared with me that God told her the dog would be provided, and not only that, the dog would be provided on Wade’s birthday (my middle son).

Wades birthday rolls around. We are at my parents celebrating with the family gathered. It was July, so that meant pool party and cook out! I receive a call from a professor who taught at the University of Arkansas who was a committed and dedicated animal advocate. She had introduced me to first bait dog, a Doberman, years back early on in my career. She called to tell me about a yellow lab that she and her daughter had taken on. She knew the criteria I needed met to take on a working to train and place. She began to tell me about him. I asked his name. It was Dakota. We picked him up on our back from celebrating Wades birthday.

Dakota, I was just a vessel in his training. There was a higher power involved in that contract. Every single training phase he worked through, he did it as if he already knew what I needed him to do. He went on to provide her stability, turn on and off light switches. Alert her to her flares, apply his body on her during violent spasms. He switches her laundry. She can ask him to go get her reading glasses, and he will go to the second story of their home, enter their bedroom, locate her glasses, and bring them to her. This client, also shared with me that God had revealed to her I would end up with RSD/CRPS.

Little did I know how my journey would unfold.

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