COVID-19 Social Distancing

My concern with COVID-19 and six-foot social distancing is this-

It has been claimed the virus can travel 6 feet upon a cough. We must remember they are claiming a six-foot radius. 

What ambient influences were the tests behind this claim conducted? How hard did the person cough? (Velocity will dictate travel distance, from a cough, ventilation systems, including doors opening and closing, and others passing by in the same environment sit feet away) 

More questions to ponder. 

Did this study resulting in this claim take place indoors or outdoors? Was the wind blowing? Was the air ventilation going? What was the temperature? How many people were contained in the same area, were they stationary or moving about? What was the size of that particular area at six feet apart?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are in a restaurant, grocery store, place of work, the State Capitol (just pick a place) and someone coughs. You remained 6 feet away. The person who coughs moves their position or leaves the area. You walk to where they were and touch something the virus landed on. Or, perhaps the airflow brought the virus to you. Perhaps during travel to this particular location that you have chosen, the virus arrives from the clothing or hair of another. Think about this. In the beginning phases, we were all instructed to cough into our sleeves, government leaders were elbow bumping on national tv during this time. Keep in mind, one can be a carrier and not even know it. What if one walks into a bathroom, blows their nose in a tissue, tosses it into the trash can? Perhaps the tissue bounced off the countertop or floor. Perhaps they are a carrier, and will never know. Perhaps, they will.

This is basic scent and scent theory that I have taught for decades. A person in the grocery store line coughs, it lands on a plastic bag. The virus survives on plastic for how long? The answer is up to 72 hours. The virus can also survive on stainless steel for 72 hours, and on copper for approximately 4 hours. Every single time a door opens in a facility there will be air movement, the virus will survive in the air how long? The answer is up to 3 hours, more so under the right ambient influence. Keep in mind, the virus can land on a tangible item, and airflow can move it from one place to another. Please think along these lines. These statics are sourced with The New England Journal of Medicine.

I personally feel in this current situation it is time to go beyond the generic guidelines and protocol, learn from what other states and countries have experienced, and grow from it. We can do better. Where ever you are, I beg you to analyze the timeline in comparison to other states. Compare and contrast every aspect. My personal concern and fear for our state of Arkansas (and country) is that if we simply continue to follow… we will continue to repeat. Do we really want to be digging mass graves, as other countries have done? Do we really want our loved ones to be loaded into shipping containers, piled on top of another, while our morticians and graveyards have reached their capacity? Do we really want our health care physicians on the front lines having to make the decision of who gets to live, and who doesn’t? I will not apologize for being blunt regarding this. This is our reality as we face this current situation, and we should not take it lightly.  

It is better to overreact through emergency preparedness, than to under-react. It is better to over-prepare for emergency preparedness than to under prepare.

Our governor stated today we should get outside and travel to state parks. As long as we keep a six-foot social distance, we should be okay, because CDC says so. Businesses, schools, public places are closed down due to a global pandemic. Trust me, this is not the time to go check out state parks. What if every Arkansan exhibiting zero symptoms took that advice today? Now, as I write this, I want to be clear. I appreciate and wholeheartedly support our governor during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. He has made it clear he is following the guidelines put in place.

For me, I will continue to stay at home. We need to be understanding of the fact that not everyone has this option. Those of us who do have this option, should make the best of it, and remain at home. We significantly decrease our risk of contracting the virus by staying home. We also eliminate the probability of transferring the virus to another, which could save a life, and the necessary equipment needed on the front lines in our war against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Blessings, Love, and Light.

Melanie Lamb

May each of us unite with one another as decent, good human beings during this time. 

May we remember this current event we are experiencing is life-altering for every single person on the planet. 

May we be thoughtful and supportive of one another, our neighbors, and our communities.

May we be thoughtful and supportive of our healthcare workers, our local, state, and federal leader and of the numerous manufacturers, organizations, and volunteers working the front lines and behind the scenes. 

May we plant seeds of compassion, empathy, kindness, and positivity. Seeds of gratitude and love. 

May we improvise, adapt, and overcome.

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